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If you're a candidate for contacts, we'll offer you the best advice on the right type to suit your vision problems as well as your lifestyle. Say good-bye to a world of glasses and see the difference that contact lenses can make to your overall attitude on life.

Your contact lens choices

• Soft contacts

• Extended wear contacts

• Rigid gas permeable

• Disposable contacts

• Daily wear contacts

• Color changing contacts

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If contacts aren't the right option for you, we offer a wide range of glasses choices that will improve your vision as well as offer you a whole new look.

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Professional experience

Choose the optometrist whose experience you can trust every day.

Your eyes are in good hands with us.

A friendly staff that's there to help!

The best lenses combined with the best frames

Find classic, contemporary, vintage, and stylish frames that will offer you a brand new look on life. You will look better and see better with our superior glasses selection.

A multitude of eyeglass benefits

• Corrected vision

• Less computer glare

• Less headaches

• Designer frames

• The perfect frame shape

• The perfect frame color

• Transitions

• Zeiss anti-reflective coating

Let us treat your eye health and vision problems one step at a time. Work with our team to find the right solution for any eye infections and treat them right.

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